To make Unika perfectly tender and tasty in compliance with the highest quality standards, great attention is given to the wet aging process: the vacuum-packed meat is stored in refrigerated chambers.
For young bull boneless products, the total shelf life is 50 days, 20 days for the aging process. For bone-in products, the aging process is 10 days, the total shelf life is 30 days.
The shelf life for white veal cuts is 40 days when boneless and 30 days when bone-in; in both cases the aging process lasts 10 days.
The aging process for skin packed products lasts 10 days and the total shelf life is 31 days both for young bull and for white veal.
DRY AGING is a different aging process at controlled temperatures, which causes slow surface dehydration. It takes a minimum of 14 days to a maximum of 21 days to be completed. This aging process increases the intensity of beef flavor and ensures a high degree of tenderness.