Control culture, care

three words that describe us

We invest every day in research, to evolve and to monitor the processes, even in terms of production and sustainability.

We know that in the end there is a consumers, as we are, who must always be protected as the animals and the environment around them.

We think, we design, we create and we sell, following a path

Achieving a leading position is not only a question of numbers, market prtesence and product quality.

To us, it is essential to have a project and a path to follow, which involves organisation and management. It includes everything that is not visible, as it is behind the scenes, but is perceived by our consumers.


Electric energy


Production cycle speed

We count up to 2,872 before saying “okay”

We can count on our own up to 2498 then we get external help to count a futher 374 times, up to a total of 2878, before we can say "okay".


Tot. no. microbiological analyses






The values we believe in most are: culture, care and control.

We respect step by step, from the cattle to the table, the highest qualitive standards, to give to our customers and consumers a good and safe product.

Our process certifications, ifs and brc, known internationally, make us a responsible company.